How it Works

For Seminar Producers :

  1. Register with us so that we can approve you as a seminar producer partnering with us. Please note only duly registered company or with DTI are accepted since the organizer should be able to issue OR as your sell the event.
  2. Once approved, you can list your all your seminars and implement the ticketing system that suits your event (limited space, unlimited space, etc..)
  3. Drive your clients to book on the site to purchase the tickets
  4. Wait for our promotion to market your events as well.
  5. Each purchase will generate an e-ticket with a QR code which you can check for validation on your portal. Download the Android app to scan your tickets : 
  6.   (to follow)
  7. We help collect seminars amounts using the largest payment options (see here : )
  8. We collect on your behalf and remit the amount due to you, minus our commissions.

For Users :

  1. You must be a registered member to book seminars and workshops on our platform.
  2. Choose your ticket, check the details and your availability to attend the event (once you have purchased it is not refundable)
  3. Simply click BUY to confirm your purchase (if you have a discount voucher, please confirm it before you validate the full order)
  4. Choose the various payments and proceed to pay. Only online payment and Paypal/Credit Card has an immediate confirmation of purchase.
  5. Check your email for your confirmed e-ticket.